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We connect the global demand for mobility solutions, with the best-fit local supply, via our platform of infinite connections.

It’s not just about what we do, it’s how we do it that generates differentiated value for our partners.

Mobility innovation

We are part of the world’s largest automotive alliance and we are building innovative solutions to solve the major challenges the industry faces.

Technical excellence

Our technology provides an unparalleled ability for our partners to integrate with every ride-hailer, taxi company and private hire fleet on the planet.

Value differentiation

We provide your customers with an integrated mobility experience that elevates their engagement, loyalty, and advocacy for your brand.

Karhoo is for everyone

Mobility solutions that are a game-changer for whoever you are and whenever you need them.

Karhoo for Business

Take the pain out of employee business travel with a consistent mobility experience whenever they need it, from wherever they are.

  • Align with corporate travel policies
  • Streamline expenses management
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Monetise corporate taxi travel
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Karhoo for Fleet

Access new demand and new markets to accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Benefit from significant net new rides
  • Monetise every ride that your drivers fulfil
  • Improve driver retention and satisfaction
  • Future-proof the success of your business
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Karhoo for Dispatch

Create a distinct competitive advantage for the fleets that use your dispatch technologies.

  • Enable surplus rides fulfilment between fleets
  • Supercharge the power of your fleet ecosystem
  • Mitigate the risk of competitive threats
  • Generate new demand for your fleets
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Karhoo for Ride-Hailer

Match the global demand for your services with the best-fit local supply.

  • Keep the app your users are familiar with
  • Fulfil via local dispatch and driver apps
  • Meet demand in new regions with ease
  • Create strategic partnerships with DMSs
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Karhoo for Custom

Create your own unique solution by leveraging Karhoo’s knowledge and expertise.

  • Consultancy and market intelligence
  • End-to-end design and build services
  • Expedited time-to-market
  • Augment and enhance existing capabilities
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Features & benefits

Why Karhoo for Business

Why Karhoo for Fleet

Why Karhoo for Dispatch

Why Karhoo for Ride-Hailer

Why Karhoo for Custom

Global coverage

Supporting your customers wherever they are and whenever they need integrated mobility services.

Unparalleled choice

The ability to integrate with every ride-hailer, taxi and private hire fleet on the planet, providing global coverage.

Elevate your brand

Leverage mobility services as a competitive differentiator, to make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Ancillary revenue

Generate net-new revenue streams from mobility services, to subsidise existing services or increase your margins.

Maximise engagement

Keep customers in ecosystem for longer by increasing their digital touch points as they use our mobility services.

Future of mobility

Gain early access to Mobilize initiatives, to introduce your customers to our multi-modal transportation options.

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Multiple demand sources

Benefit from significant net new rides. Pivot to a model of multiple demand sources.

Your dispatch and driver app

Retain, augment and leverage your existing technology investments.

Future-proof your business

Convert competitive tensions into strategic partnerships where everyone wins.

Our data to inform your strategy

Leverage our market intelligence and primary research to spot trends and identify opportunities.

Electrification of your fleet

Benefit from Mobilize fleet electrification initiatives to reduce the barriers of migrating to EV.

Improve driver satisfaction

Tackle their major concerns head on to improve driver acquisition, retention and overall satisfaction.

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New demand sources

Introduce significant net-new rides to your fleets as a result of your DMS integration with Karhoo.

Fleet networking

A closed loop ecosystem, of only your fleets, that share excess demand with one another.

Protect your DMS

Deliver a single-source of rides via your DMS alone, including without the need to leave your ecosystem.

Ride hailer enablement

Integrate your dispatch technologies with ride hailers for the benefit of your fleets.

Electrification of your fleets

Benefit from Mobilize fleet electrification initiatives to reduce the barriers of migrating to EV.

Monetise all rides

Ensure that all rides, from all sources are monetised, by becoming the single-source of ride aggregation.

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Integrate with any dispatch

Seamlessly integrate with every dispatch management system on the planet.

Connect with any fleet

Augment and extend your existing supply capabilities, anywhere it’s needed.

Fulfil demand in new regions

Effortlessly expand into new regions where there is demand from your customers.

Retain your user experience

Deliver the same user experience, via the application that your customers love.

Fast speed to market

Connect your user app with existing driver apps and dispatch technologies for a fast start.

Support local drivers

Build strategic partnerships with local fleets and their drivers, to enable mutual success.

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Build something unique

Create a distinct competitive advantage that differentiates you from your competition.

Save time and money

Leverage our existing integrations, products, and services to avoid unnecessary expense.

Expedite service launch

The fastest possible route to market, by utilising services that already exist.

Outsource development

Let us build your solution for you, leveraging our unparalleled expertise.

Research backed advice

Use our market intelligence and primary research to identify opportunities.

Fast return on investment

Generate a quicker and better return than building it yourself.

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