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Aggregation Advantage

Servicing local and global demand for mobility services by aggregating the supply of the ride-hailers, taxi companies and private hire fleets.

Karhoo’s ‘aggregation advantage’ means that coverage (i.e., the supply of mobility services) can be provided for any location in the world that is currently being served by a local, regional or global supplier. And if it isn’t, we can prove the demand necessary to open up supply for new territories or routes.

By connecting the global demand for mobility services with the best-fit local supply, we are able to provide safe, reliable, stress-free mobility services for everyone, everywhere.

Importantly, this also means that the price and quality of those services is driven by competitive tension, so continuously improves, whilst any specialist supply capabilities are rewarded through best-fit matching of demand.

The Karhoo platform seamlessly integrates with the technology platforms of all major mobility providers. We are able to simultaneously offer the mobility services from any connected supply partner, and present them as a consolidated, consistent set of options for mobility services users. And that is what enables our ‘aggregation advantage’.

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