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Mobilize Advantage

Innovation to solve the major challenges that are facing the taxi and automotive industry.

Karhoo is a Mobilize Company

The automotive industry is facing three major challenges: asset depreciation (vehicle prices drop significantly during the first few years of ownership), lack of utilisation (most vehicles are unused for the majority of the time), and environmental impact (the automotive industry contributes significantly to CO2 emissions).

Mobilize is a mobility innovator, providing services and solutions for more enjoyable, accessible and sustainable mobility.

Through Mobilize, we aim to empower sustainable mobility, by introducing as-a-service financial models to drastically cut the cost of vehicle ownership, whilst removing the barriers to electrification (including fleets).

We have the digital and physical infrastructure necessary to influence the future of the automotive industry. Karhoo acts as the gateway through which you will gain early access to these initiatives.

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The Karhoo Advantage

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