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Technology Advantage

Effortless integration and intelligent automation that enables seamless onboarding of new partners.

A globally available platform, built for dynamic scale, adaptability and performance, to support demand and supply workloads wherever and whenever it is needed.

500,000+ hours of development, leveraging a 250 years of combined engineering experience, from a team that has built the world’s leading technology platforms.

Auto-sign up and zero code enablement to fast-track the onboarding of new partners, with the ability to add new demand and supply with ease.

A customer orientated and Agile approach to product development, that takes feedback directly from the field to inform our product roadmap, enabling the expedited release of new requirements.

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The Karhoo Advantage

User Experience Advantage

Obsessing about how we create differentiated value via an exceptional user experience.

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Mobilize Advantage

Multi-modal mobility that is seamlessly integrated with taxi demand and supply.

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Aggregation Advantage

Aligning the best fit supply with the specific needs of your customers.

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