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User Experience Advantage

Data-driven, customer-success-led, and obsessed about creating value differentiation for our partners.

We have our own Primary Research Function to define the precise mobility experiences and preferences that your customers need. And most importantly, how the integration of these services into your brand will drive differentiated value, customer loyalty and advocacy.

We also provide insights regarding the future of mobility so that you can evolve your value proposition as market conditions and the needs of your customers change.

No other global technology provider in the industry is able or willing to deliver this level of customisation. We are the only global aggregator with the ability to build a truly tailored solution that is designed to meet the specific and unique needs of your customers.

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The Karhoo Advantage

Mobilize Advantage

Multi-modal mobility that is seamlessly integrated with taxi demand and supply.

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Aggregation Advantage

Aligning the best fit supply with the specific needs of your customers.

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Technology Advantage

A global, agile platform that’s built for scale, adaptability and performance.

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