Agent Booker

Online portal to organise mobility for clients or employees.


Immediately available

with quick branding and rules setup


Full trip management

make bookings and track completions



designed for multi-layer organisations 

Karhoo Agent Booker has been created for users booking on behalf of others, e.g. in a call centre for clients or at an internal hotline for employees. The service can also be used by our Demand Partners to manage their relationships with the marketplace providers.

See it in action

Here is a selection of screeshots for the Karhoo Agent Booker


Variety of choice

Same booking features as Traveller Booker 

Traveller Booker is a microsite for travellers to book a ride for themselves while Agent Booker is used to book on behalf of someone else. Both deliver the same service options from the Karhoo marketplace to choose from with a simple booking experience.

Variety of choice
Karhoo K
Karhoo K

Traveller support and booking management

Agents must be able to support travellers regarding bookings made on their behalf. Hence the Agent Booker offers easy ways of retrieving a specific booking from large lists (e.g. using traveller’s details, booking reference) and check its status updated in real time and key information to efficiently support the traveller (e.g. cancel, reschedule).

Karhoo K

Multi-layer organisations

If your organisation is complex and require confidentiality between entities (clients, subsidiaries, sites, departments…), you can define access rights so users can only see bookings for entities that they’re entitled to service.

Karhoo K
Karhoo K
Karhoo K

Flexible payment and accounting options

On Agent Booker, rides can be pre-paid with a corporate credit card or through account billing at the end of the month. Each booking can be assigned to a PO and accounting code (free text or authorized values in a drop-down) for reporting and cost allocation purpose.

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