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FAQ’s for Fleet Partners


The flight number is missing in the booking

No need to contact as they will be chasing the customer for missing flight numbers on bookings. For bookings which remain without a flight number, use the pick up time in the booking.

The pickup/drop-off information is incomplete

Raise a ticket on the Service Team portal as quickly as possible when the booking is received.

A customer wants to cancel or amend a booking

If a customer contacts you for a cancellation or a change, you must direct them back to

Even if you know that a customer wanted to cancel a booking, you must go ahead with live bookings. If they do not turn up, process the booking as per the Customer No Show terms.

A customer wants a child seat

Direct the passengers to for any trip related requests or changes. If it’s something you don’t offer, feel free to let them know.

The flight has been cancelled or diverted

As soon as you realise that a flight is cancelled or diverted, you need to inform They will try to get a new flight number and ask you to amend the booking, if possible. If not, they will close the booking as a Customer No Show.


Waiting time included in the price

For airport pickups your driver must wait for 45 minutes after the flight has landed.

For all other pickup locations, your driver must wait 15 minutes.

The passenger requests changes to the driver

Last minute changes can only be accepted by the driver if they can be fulfilled and do not impact the final fare. Any change impacting the final fare needs prior approval from

Customer No Show rules

Do assume that roaming passengers do not know the airport layout and where your driver is waiting for them.

If the driver is unable to meet the customer and the remaining waiting time is running low, you must try to contact them on the phone number provided in the booking.

If the passenger cannot be found, report Customer No Show on portal.

You must provide the vehicle logs and call logs and any other information justifying your presence at the agreed pickup location over the agreed waiting time, and your efforts to contact the passenger.

After the journey

Customer ratings

 After each journey customers will receive a survey with a set of questions about their experience. They can rate you from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). They can also leave a comment.

Drivers should kindly ask customers to leave a positive rating as Customer Ratings are a key performance indicator that will benefit your business in the long term.

Karhoo Quality Review process

The Quality Review process is an 8 week long improvement process where Karhoo works with Supply Partners who have fallen below a Customer Rating score of 4.5, running the risk of being disconnected.

Tips tp get good Customer Ratings

Ask passengers to rate problem free rides with you. Take care of the communication with them before and at pickup time. Meet & Greet at airports and hotels is not compulsory but it demonstrates you are willing to go the extra mile for their satisfaction. contacts

For any inquiries related to bookings done through, open a ticket with their Customer Service Team via this link.

For urgent matters, call on:
+44 161 850 4025

Othewise, use email:
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