Bummelbus uses Karhoo Pool to deliver essential items to help vulnerable residents

by Apr 12, 2020

Bummelbus is a Demand-Responsive Transport service operated by Forum pour l’Emploi (The Employment Forum) in Luxembourg. The service covers over 39 districts across the northern region. Since the country’s lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for public transportation has dropped by more than 90%.

This has led to Bummelbus reshuffling their operations into a shopping and delivery service for vulnerable residents who are unable to leave their homes to purchase essential items. Drivers and phone operators have become a volunteer task force to help those most in need.

Any self-isolating person can now contact Bummelbus to order their groceries and arrange for a delivery straight to their home. The cost will be the same as the store price and a small delivery fee will be added to the total bill.

Bummelbus’ quick change in operations was made possible by reconfiguring Karhoo Pool, their demand-responsive dispatch solution. Karhoo Pool enabled Bummelbus to easily define “deliveries” as “passengers” in order to manage the logistics from the store to the final client in an efficient manner, with little change to their operations.

Thanks to their agility, Bummelbus and their drivers are now still able to serve their local communities.

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