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Karhoo for Travel Operators

Integrate taxi services directly into your value proposition.

Make mobility services a brand value differentiator by providing a seamless customer experience.

Imagine if…

Your customers had access to every ride-hailer, taxi company and private hire fleet on the planet, wherever and whenever they travelled.

You could provide a door-to-door, integrated travel experience, where your brand was the anchor point for the entire customer journey.

You were able to provide a seamless booking experience for mobility services, that was embedded into your ticket booking flow.

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Let us help you envision how integrated taxi services can be a game-changer for you and your customers…

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Why choose Karhoo?

Global coverage

Supporting your customers wherever they are and whenever they need integrated mobility services.

Unparalleled choice

The ability to integrate with every ride-hailer, taxi and private hire fleet on the planet, providing global coverage.

Elevate your brand

Leverage mobility services as a competitive differentiator, to make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Ancillary revenue

Generate net-new revenue streams from mobility services, to subsidise existing services or increase your margins.

Maximise engagement

Keep customers in ecosystem for longer by increasing their digital touch points as they use our mobility services.

Future of mobility

Gain early access to Mobilize initiatives, to introduce your customers to our multi-modal transportation options.


A consistent and familiar user experience wherever and wherever they might need mobility services.

Quality and value

A quality assured, cost-optimised service that delivers value for money, but without forfeiting quality.

Unparalleled choice

Pick from global ride-hailers, international fleets, small local providers, economy or high-end, electric or hybrid.

Support local fleets

Book rides with local fleets and protect their driver’s interests to support local businesses where possible.

Stress-free mobility

Connect anyone that travels, wherever they are travelling, with safe, reliable and stress‑free mobility services.

Future of mobility

Early access to Mobilize’s multi-modal transportation options that will enable the ‘future of mobility’.

About the Karhoo service

It’s not just about what we do, it’s how we do it that generates the real value for our partners.

Mobility relevancy from market intelligence

Unique insights that inform our product and services strategies.

Our own research function, conducting research on behalf of our customers and the market as a whole, to ensure that we understand the changing priorities and needs of the market better than anyone else.

Become a one-stop-shop for your customers mobility needs. Take engagement to the next level, by providing an end-to-end mobility experience and a ‘closed loop’ ecosystem that drives loyalty to your brand.

Keeping up with the speed of change, gathering intelligence on emerging trends, market forces and the potential for disruption from established players and new market entrants.

Ensure that individual customer needs and preferences are met by aligning specific demand with best-fit supply. Enable access to a ‘whole of market’ solution, that’s updated in real-time as demand needs and supply availability changes.

As part of Mobilize, a subsidiary of Groupe Renault, we are disrupting traditional car ownership models and can support your customers as they transition into a new world of ‘mobility-as-a-service’.

Keep up with the speed of change by moving to the forefront of mobility innovation. Ensure that you are able to align with your customers’ needs as their preferences evolve.

Success management and technical excellence

Technical and operational capabilities that are a service differentiator.

A dedicated success team that truly understands what matters most to you and your customers. Success metrics that are directly aligned with the outcomes that you need.

A self-moderating, self-perpetuating business model that incentivises and rewards all connected parties simultaneously – where the success of one party drives the success of all others.

Obsessed about understanding the mobility needs and wants of your customers to ensure that the services we deliver provide differentiated value for your brand.

An always available ‘zero fault tolerance’ architecture, designed for rapid query responsiveness regardless of volume. Flawless operational performance, without failures, to optimise access and experience.

Built for dynamic scale, that optimises platform resources, to support demand workloads wherever and whenever it is needed.

Effortless integration and intelligent automation that enables seamless onboarding of new partners. Auto-sign up, zero code enablement to fast-track service launch.

Vision and values that inform our approach

Building a network of happy global travellers and thriving mobility businesses.

We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour, take responsibility for our actions, embrace diversity in all forms, and expect honesty, transparency, fairness and respect in all our interactions.

We always aim to develop positive, trusting relationships throughout our business, embrace all opinions, empower our team to make decisions and be accountable for their results, and support each other with empathy and enthusiasm in our pursuit of success.

We seek to proactively improve the experience of our services through an entrepreneurial approach to product development that is shaped by curiosity and creativity to challenge the status quo, and by an informed understanding of the constantly changing desires of travellers worldwide.

We strive to achieve market leading quality and performance in every aspect of our business through investment in our technology, our processes and our people, and by ensuring that health, safety and regulatory compliance standards are never compromised.

We are conscious that all mobility must evolve to ensure a better planet for future generations. Our contribution is to promote sustainable, low impact solutions wherever possible, whilst working alongside a range of Mobilize options that together will radically change how people see owning and using a vehicle.

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We’re enabling the power of movement via our platform of infinite connections.

The Karhoo Advantage

The unique set of capabilities that gives Karhoo and our partners a competitive edge.

Aligning the best fit supply with the specific needs of your customers.

A global, agile platform that’s built for scale, adaptability and performance.

Obsessing about how we create differentiated value via an exceptional user experience.

The physical and digital infrastructure necessary to enable the future of mobility.

Explore the Karhoo Advantage


A tailored solution according to your specific customer needs.

Discovery Phase

Primary research, managed on your behalf, to ascertain the specific mobility needs and wants of your customers, including anticipated volumes.

Pilot Phase

Restricted, location-specific testing of mobility services to validate demand, leveraging the specific data collected from the Discovery Phase.

Scale Phase

Full roll-out of mobility services to all locations in scope following the success of the Pilot Phase, confirming the demand and scale needed for project viability.

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Start your journey with Karhoo today…

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Our aim is to connect every taxi on the planet to our platform, to realise our mission of providing safe, reliable, stress-free mobility solutions for everyone, everywhere. We can provide coverage (i.e., the supply of mobility solutions) for any location in the world that is currently being served by a local, regional or global supplier. And if it isn’t, we can prove the demand necessary to open up supply for new territories or routes.

Our onboarding process is designed to create a tailored solution according to your specific customer needs. This includes primary research, to ascertain the specific mobility needs and wants of your customers, including anticipated volumes, followed by a restricted, location-specific testing of mobility services to validate demand, prior to full rollout. We have built our platform to support a quick and simple technical onboarding process for new partners. This includes auto-sign up and zero code enablement to fast-track service launch.

We have a unique set of capabilities that gives our partners a competitive edge. We are obsessed about how we create differentiated value for your customers via an exceptional user experience. We have our own Primary Research Function to define the precise mobility experiences and preferences that your customers need. And most importantly, how the integration of these services into your brand will drive differentiated value, customer loyalty and advocacy.

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