We’re helping fleets and brands develop mobility services by developing an open and fair marketplace.

Who we are

We build a global marketplace where taxi and private hire fleets can offer their service, and brands can promote them on their portal and apps to their client base.

This requires a reliable platform product to digitalise operations and a strong team of experts to support ever growing service and financial exchanges between demand and supply partners around the world.


Our Vision

Better Together – The best way to promote sustainable mobility is to unify all stakeholders: cities, public transport, licensed fleets, drivers and passengers, together with the most powerful brands in the industry.

Our Values


We want to create an open, clear and transparent mobility marketplace for all industry players


We believe in free enterprise in order to enable new business to be successful


We are conscious that mobility must go with responsibility to ensure a better future for our cities





Join us

Contact us to discover what the Karhoo community is doing for a sustainable mobility industry.

For those on the business side, your task is to sell a unique product on a global scale. For the techies amongst you, the chance to work with the latest software and be empowered to solve problems on a completely new and continuously developing platform awaits.

If the role you are looking for is not currently listed on our jobs board, feel free to send us a speculative application explaining why you’d like to work for Karhoo.


Karhoo was reborn from its ashes in 2017, when new co‑CEOs Boris and Nicolas with investment from Groupe Renault created the largest business‑to‑business exchange for ground transportation.

It was reborn and remoulded from the assets of a previous business that learnt the hard way that competing against Uber, Didi and Lyft required a radically different and more collaborative approach to mobility.

Karhoo is contributing to Groupe Renault’s mobility‑as‑an‑industry strategy, which covers connected, autonomous, shared, electric vehicles part of multimodal transport.

Karhoo has been a growing success, signing up more fleets around the world and partnering with the best brands, for example in the travel industry, to generate more ride requests.

Get in touch

General inquiries: [email protected]

Job inquiries: https://careers.karhoo.com

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