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Travel operators


We make it easy for airlines, railways and cruise lines to deliver a door-to-door travel experience, thus increasing client satisfaction and ancillary revenues.

Trusted by leading travel & hospitality brands 

Transportation & Mobility Solutions Platform of the Year 2021

Key benefits for Travel Operators

Own the Client Journey

Full journey ownership

with a door to door proposition 

New ancillary revenues

from commission on rides

Fast go-to-market

and low starting investment

How it works

Demand Aggregation: we generate quality, volume trip requests by connecting great brands using technology and marketing to resell mobility to their clients.

how it works

Supply Aggregation: we build a global network of trustful mobility providers delivering diverse sustainable options to choose from and competitive price.

Features for Travel Operators

Journey on screen

Seamless booking experience

Passengers can book the first and last miles of their journey straight from your website and app, embedded into your ticket purchase flow. You can also promote mobility services after the ticket has been purchased, in confirmation emails or link to trip management.

Journey on screen

Competitive pricing

Karhoo gives your customers access to a marketplace that delivers on average 5 quotes per ride request, protecting them from fake “price surges” and offering them a fair market price at any given time. They are able to make an informed choice using transparent service criteria.


Loyalty programmes

Our platform connects to your account profile and loyalty programme management systems, so your customers can earn and burn their loyalty points when booking taxis through you.

Safety and trust
Safety and trust

Safety and trust

Partnering providers are licensed and comply with local safety and cleanliness standards. So passengers are safe and protected. We build additional trust with driver rating and real-time tracking from the moment the driver has been allocated until the passenger is dropped off.  

variety of choice

Variety of choice

Passengers can select by price and vehicle type. Rides can be requested immediately or booked in advance. All journeys will be fulfilled by fully licensed providers.

variety of choice

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