You can focus on satisfying passengers while powerful brands do the complicated and expensive marketing work for you.

Serve travellers from all over the world visiting your area, only on Karhoo.

Get more rides through powerful, global brand channels

We partner with great brands that can promote taxi and for-hire rides to their clients at relevant times: when they book a train, require transportation after a flight, or ask how to go to a remote area with no public transportation. And this is how we’re able to aggregate ride requests from millions of travellers around the world.

We’re connecting with most dispatchers on the market, so your fleet can participate just by signing our agreement and defining your offer: vehicle categories, asap and/or pre-booking, geographic coverage, T&Cs.

For every fleet operating independently or part of a network, that means open and fair access to new business opportunities. 

Proposition to Fleets

Grow your business

Karhoo gives you fair exposure to global demand so you can get more rides and grow your business.

Join for free, simply

Karhoo comes pre-integrated with major dispatchers. No additional software or hardware are required.

Keep full control

You decide what trips you want, and set your final price at trip completion. You can leave when you want, no exit fees.

Fleets and Dispatchers Around The World Trust Karhoo

Marketing and Traveller Experience

If you’re thinking of developing your own app by contracting with an app-based aggregator, you should really consider joining the Karhoo marketplace, which offers less risk and more opportunities.

Free marketing

Joining Karhoo marketplace is free and brand partners will make app and marketing investment to attract travellers and generate the ride requests.

Superior user experience

Travellers booking rides through portals and apps powered by The Karhoo Mobility Exchange enjoy state-of-the-art quotes, ETA, tracking, messaging with driver…

Unlimited potential

As more renowned brands join the marketplace, you get more business from travel & leisure operators promoting rides as a natural complement to their service.

Embrace Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is the new trend out there, a shift towards shared mobility options consumed as a service. That sounds like something fleets have always been doing. So why fear it?

A growing number of MaaS players, with unmatched product and marketing capabilities, will embed fleet services into their offering. They could strike exclusive deals with networks, but Karhoo offers them access to networks and fleets at a global scale through just one contract and one technical integration.

So don’t wait, join the MaaS revolution!

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