COVID19 – Protect your customers by offering only licensed taxi providers complying with high safety standards.



Add mobility to your booking applications so guests can get a taxi for transfers and in‑stay trips, creating new ancillary revenue for you and more convenience for them!

Trusted by leading travel & hospitality brands 

Transportation & Mobility Solutions Platform of the Year 2021


Key benefits for Hospitality

Guest experience

improved with seamless mobility

Ancillary revenues

generated with booking fees on rides

Loyalty programme

allowing earn & burn on mobility

How it works

Demand Aggregation: we generate quality, volume trip requests by connecting great brands using technology and marketing to resell mobility to their clients.

Supply Aggregation: we've built a global network of mobility providers delivering diverse sustainable options to choose from and at competitive prices.

Features for Hospitality

Features for hospitality

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Self-service guest experience

These days, most guests prefer self-service for convenience and social distancing. With Karhoo, they can book a taxi on your mobile apps and websites, via the in-room TV system or using a virtual concierge kiosk.

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Taxi Marketplace
Taxi Marketplace

E-hailing at its best

Thanks to Karhoo you can offer state-of-the-art taxi experiences, including clear estimated pick-up times and live vehicle tracking on mobile. In addition, the marketplace offers choice and fair price, all the time.

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Guest knowledge and loyalty

With mobility, you increase the number of touch points with clients and collect more data on their needs while they stay with you. Your loyalty programme becomes more relevant by allowing to earn and burn points on rides. 

Identity Card
Safety and trust
Safety and trust

Safety and trust

Fleets in Karhoo’s network are licensed providers and are required to comply with local regulation. This includes guidance on the safe provision of transport services during the COVID-19 pandemic, so that your guests are safe and protected.

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