A full SaaS ecosystem to manage every aspect of mobility


Dispatch systems (DMS)

our direct link to fleets in every geography

Payments (PSP)

Payments (PSP)

allowing for flexible business models


Client information (CRM)

connectors to your client IS ecosystem

Karhoo Mobility Exchange comes with a full range of technology partner integrations, starting with an extensive DMS connectivity linking to thousands of fleets on all continents. Payment service providers, Authentication gateways and Loyalty point systems deliver capabilities to support the best user experience, end-to-end.  

Connected DMS partners

DMS Integration Features

DMS Integration Features

Supply aggregation

Supply aggregation through DMS

We integrate with the world’s top Dispatch Management Systems (DMS) across all geographies in order to give access to and from the marketplace to thousands of local fleets of all sizes, hence building the densest mobility network in the world.

Supply aggregation
Supply aggregation
Supply aggregation

Value-added services

As part of our mission to connect the largest number of providers to the marketplace, we’re normalising supply products and complementing DMS for missing capabilities. For example:

  • Location & address enrichment  –  we’ve built an enhancement layer that translates to any region globally
  • Meeting points  –  we use fleets’ local knowledge to eliminate pickup confusion, a major pain point for passengers
Supply aggregation

Load protection via predictive models

Some demand partners generate high volumes of low converting requests (e.g. MaaS apps) so we’ve built load protection for DMS by creating predictive models using machine learning.

So we estimate most quotes instead of asking the DMS. And we only request a real quote for estimates actually selected by passengers. 

Supply aggregation

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