Our Successes

Grand Duché du Luxembourg - BummelBus

Since 2019, Karhoo Pool has been helping the Forum pour l’emploi operate its on-demand transport service. Bummelbus is a DRT service intended to facilitate the movement of residents in the rural region of northern Luxembourg. With more than 1,000 journeys per day over an area of more than 2,000 square km, it is one of the most in demand DRTs in Europe.

Annemasse - TAC

Proxi TAC (DRT service) and Handi TAC (Dial A Ride service), both operated by RATP Dev, are the two on-demand services in the city of Annemasse. Karhoo Pool allows the pooling of vehicles for the two services, while keeping the constraints specific to each type of passenger. People with reduced mobility benefit from door-to-door service and DRT passengers use the stop to stop service while in the same vehicle.

Grand Paris Seine & Oise - Tamy

Tamy is a zonal DRT service, in the town of Mantes-la-Jolie in the Yvelines. Since 2019, in partnership with RATP Dev, Karhoo Pool has enabled users to book their journeys via a mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Département de la Marne - LuckyStar

LuckyStar is one of the main players in the TPMR in France. Karhoo Pool works on the Mobulys service which covers the entire department of Marne, more than 8,000 km² and 500,000 inhabitants.

Lorient - CTRL

Since 2020, Karhoo Pool has worked on the Île de Groix for the CTRL network, part of Lorient, for on-demand transport in partnership with RATP Dev.

Montreuil - CCAS

Since 2019, in partnership with RATP Dev, Karhoo Pool has been helping the Centre Communal d’Actions Sociales of Montreuil to operate its on-demand transport service for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Tunis - Lamma

Launched in 2020 in Tunis, Lamma is a private shared on-demand transport service which aims to offer an excellent transport experience at an affordable price thus helping to reduce congestion and pollution in African cities by pooling travellers and resources.

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