Karhoo releases open source Mobile SDK and Web Booker access to their Mobility Exchange platform.

by Apr 29, 2020

Karhoo Mobility Exchange brings together ground transportation providers and major Travel & Hospitality brands around the world to create seamless mobility solutions for travellers.

Developers can use the Karhoo API to embed a white labeled comprehensive taxi booking experience into their ecommerce sites and mobile apps, including immediate requests and advanced booking, offers comparison, driver tracking and payment.

To make the integration work effortless and accelerate the go-to-market, Karhoo offers the following packaged access products for developers:

  • Karhoo Network SDK: a collection of API-integrated components simplifying the integration of Karhoo into your mobile flows in iOS and Android apps by conveniently encapsulating access to the Karhoo APIs, always keeping up to date with the latest iterations of the Karhoo Platform.
  • Karhoo UI SDK: a generic booking flow for mobile (request entry, offers display and selection, payment pre-authorisation, driver arrival and journey tracking) that can be customised for your brand’s colours, logo and font. With only a few lines of code, this flow can be implemented in any iOS and Android app. To embed the flow into your own, this SDK provides custom screen routing and deep linking of booking information to guide your customers through the process with ease, keeping it native to your look and feel. Watch SDK demo the video
  • Karhoo Traveller Source:  a generic booking flow for web applications, similar to the UI SDK for mobile. Traveller Source is customisable with the brand’s colours, logo and CSS, and can be used as a standalone microsite or embedded into an existing website with optional deep linking support.

Karhoo’s goal is to release these access products as full open source for the benefit of brands and developers.

Doing so ensures:

  • Free, open and robust solutions to create seamless mobility services on web and mobile, that are continuously being tested to ensure quality of service when you need it the most.
  • A guarantee that the solution constantly evolves, maintaining a state-of-the-art booking experience through contributions from the most renowned Travel & Hospitality brands in the world.

Today Karhoo are happy to announce that they’ve made the first steps in this journey towards full open source access products

We are releasing the following components on Github:

Additional documentation is available on our developer portal.

Over the next few months Karhoo expects to push even further with open sourcing so watch this space for news coming in 2020.

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