Loyalty and Single Sign On

Integration with your client information systems

Seamless user experiences

leverage your CRM infrastructure

Better loyalty programmes

offer to earn & burn points on mobility

Easy, secure user login

implement SSO for the best experience

By connecting your Client IS to Karhoo Mobility Exchange, for user authentication, user profile management and reward programmes for instance, you create the best, seamless mobility experiences for your clients. And you keep the full control over access security and personal data protection.



OpenID support

Leverage your identity and profile management system so your clients can login on the booking sites created by Karhoo with the same credentials, hence providing a simpler experience: no need to create a new login/password or re-enter profile information.

Single Sign On

SSO delivers the next level of seamless integration, allowing users to be logged in straight from a referral from your website and app, for an even smoother experience.

Loyalty API

Augment your rewards programme by offering to earn & burn points with mobility delivered by Karhoo. Clients can even choose to split the fare between points and money, increasing the service accessibility and the attractiveness of your proposition.

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