Our products give brands and fleets the means to deliver the best traveller experience through easy integration and efficient business management tools.

Karhoo Mobility Exchange

Karhoo Mobility Exchange connects brands’ portals and apps collecting ride requests from users (demand-side) with taxis and PHV fleets able to deliver the service (supply-side).

It connects thousands of ride providers to global brands through only one technical integration, and enables an open and fair marketplace by standardising and digitalising ride purchase on a global level.

Platform Features


  • ​Request a ride: select pickup time, destination, number of passengers and luggage​
  • Get quotes: estimated price, vehicle type and ETA 
  • Book a trip: quote selection, pre‑authorised payment, T & Cs, passenger/driver information, flight/train reference


  • Track vehicle in approach and during trip, from pick-up to drop-off
  • Simplify communication between passenger and driver (calls, messaging)
  • Get the driver rating by passenger to measure and improve quality


  • Finalise payment when the final fare is set by the fleet
  • Generate receipts on behalf of fleets
  • Organize financial flows between involved parties


  • Access relevant, GDPR-compliant details and communication logs on booked and completed trips

Karhoo API

The Karhoo API makes it possible to develop a state-of-the-art e-hailing experience natively inside your portal and mobile app, including your branding and leveraging the customer context (e.g. a flight schedule).

The Karhoo API delivers following services:

  • Bookings – create and manage bookings
  • Live trips – track trips as they happen
  • Fares – get final fares details, generate receipts
  • Payment – pre-authorise and validate payment
  • Completed trips – retrieve trip history
  • Finance – retrieve settlement statement

White label and SDK

While Karhoo API provides the greatest level of customisation, the white label portal and the mobile SDK deliver the fastest go‑to‑market, leveraging predefined user flows with light look and feel customisation options. It can be as simple as a rerouting from your website or few lines of code if your app technical stack matches the SDK.

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Karhoo Agent Portal

The Karhoo Agent Portal is a self-service website providing demand partners with centralised booking options and access to detailed information about future, current and past trips.

Typical users are:

  • Client Support Agents – they retrieve details about trips in order to quickly understand the caller’s context and provide an efficient response
  • Booking Agents – for example, an hotel concierge booking for guests or a secretary booking for employees, can use the console to organise trips for others and follow-up on

Thanks to Karhoo’s Agent Portal, our agents get access to key information for all partnering fleets, allowing them to quickly answer to client inquiries.

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