Brand Partners implementing Karhoo Mobility Exchange


My Drivertransfersweb booker


First and last mile transport to and from train stations offered to customers buying a ticket on and onboard of high-speed trains.

The service is using Hosted Traveller Booker.

Mon Chauffeur TGV INOUItransfersdeep links


First and last mile transport to and from train stations offered to customers buying a ticket on, ranked 3rd ecommerce site in France in terms of revenue.

The service is using Hosted Traveller Booker, our connector to SNCF customer authentication system and deep links to carry over the train ticket context from to the branded taxi booking site. 

Travel Agencies

Airport TaxistransfersAPI

Airport transfers option sold on, one of the biggest OTAs in the world, include providers sourced by them directly augmented in many geographies with Karhoo fleet partners.

The service is using Karhoo API with custom development to match specific requirements.

Loyalty Programmes

Ride with Virgin Redloyaltyidentity


Virgin Red members earn points when they complete a ride with one of our fleet partners. Booking is accessible through Virgin Red website and mobile app.

The service is using Hosted Traveller Booker and the SSO connector to Virgin Red customer identification system so completed rides and generated reward points are allocated to the accurate member.

ALL Mobilitylifestyleidentity

Accor ALL

Accor Live Limitless is Accor’s loyalty programme which offers to earn and burn Reward points on taxi rides booked on ALL Mobility powered by Karhoo.

The service is using Hosted Traveller Booker and the connector to ALL authentication and loyalty points management systems.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Obi, taxi comparator appaggregatorAPI / SDK


Obi lets users compare pricing across all the major ride-hailers, taxis and cabs across the different regions they operate.

Obi had a referral scheme with several e-hailers and implemented Karhoo API to access worldwide Taxi and PHV content in order to display the maximum choice on their comparator app.

Obi also implemented Karhoo Mobile SDK to create a seamless booking experience within the app with Karhoo’s partners, which they made a key selling proposition on their User Interface. 


Emergency pickupprocurementagent booker


Fidelia purchases 150,000 taxi rides per year through 800 agents. Fidelia wants to streamline their booking processes and reduce the overall cost with competitive choice.

Karhoo put in place a hosted Agent Booker delivering choice, transparent prices and a fully digital booking, tracking and payment process, and improving costs by 23% (productivity and fares combined).