Everything moneys from booking to settling



in 25 countries (and growing)


Your business model

open to payment methods and model


Financial compliance

with local tax regulations

Karhoo platform streamlines payments and settlements between involved demand and supply side partners at a global scale, in multiple currencies and ensuring local regulations compliance. Whether we’re merchant of record for individual transactions with travellers or collect consolidated account payments, we protect your funds and ensure you get paid quickly.

PSP Partners

Karhoo has integrated with several payment gateways to cover the widest range of methods.


Global Payments Partner


Payments everywhere

A few of the accepted payment methods




All payments, everywhere 

Integrating with several PSPs ensures that we can transact in most payment methods and currencies. We’ve done the legwork of becoming compliant so you don’t have to, covering PCI compliance, suppliers KYC checks, payment facilitation, real time tax reporting.


Managed end to end money flow

Our platform can automates pay-ins and payouts from end-clients to demand and supply partners, transiting through an escrow account. So you can be sure that the money safely reach its accurate destination.


Statements and invoices

We keep record of all transactions and we aggregate them in simple summary and detailed documents, so you can easily track your business on the marketplace and reconcile our data with yours.

We also generate compliance documents and invoices on your behalf so you can focus on business and not on paperwork.


Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

We train statistical models to identify abnormal trip data, hinting to a possible error and affecting the fare. Hence, we can correct errors before final payments are collected and reduce the downstream manual work, e.g. inbound passenger calls to customer services.

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