With Karhoo Pool, Public transport authorities and operators can offer a better and more cost efficient on-demand bus service to citizens while reducing congestion and pollution.

Use Cases

Low & medium density

Feeder model

Off-peak hours

Platform Features


  • Booking
  • Tracking
  • Informing


  • Display the route
  • Notify of dynamic changes
  • Communicate with HQ


  • Real time ride pooling
  • Optimisation across drivers
  • Alternative pick up proposition


  • Real time supervision and alerts
  • Driver management
  • Customer support and CRM


Karhoo Pool has been chosen as the new dispatch solution for the Tamy bus on demand service operated in Mantes-la-Jolie, in the Greater Paris area. [Read more…]

Passenger app

Karhoo Pool comes with a white label (i.e. that can be fully customised with your logo and colours) mobile application offering a state-of-the-art booking experience available in several languages for passengers, including:

  • Booking – Departure and destination, number of passengers, desired time of departure (incl. as soon as possible) or desired time of arrival
  • Tracking – Real time vehicle visualisation on a map and updated estimated pick-up and drop-off times
  • Informing – Passengers get notifications about their trip by push (inside the app) and by email / SMS

Karhoo Pool also offers APIs to seamlessly implement the above features within an existing MaaS application.

People who don’t possess a smartphone can book through a web portal and will receive email and SMS notifications as the vehicle approaches.


Driver app

Intuitive and easy app to facilitate your drivers’ work:

  • Detailed view of full route and intermediate stops
  • Real time notification if the next stop has changed
  • Automatic status change depending on driver geolocation
  • Chat with office staff in case of incident or significant delay
  • Integration of Waze navigation


Demand-responsive dispatch

A powerful optimization engine, based on state-of-the-art algorithms:

  • Ride pooling between several passengers to optimize vehicles’ route

  • Ability to mix booking and immediate requests thanks to a dynamic planning construction

  • Suggestion of alternative pick up times to passenger if no vehicle is available for the requested time

  • Route and estimated arrival time calculation based on traffic conditions


Back office

Dispatch supervision/monitoring in real time

  • Vehicle tracking on map in real time

  • Actual vs planning analysis

  • Automatic re-dispatch in case of delay

  • Alerts to anticipate operational issues


Accept rides according to your criteria

  • Manual or automated pick-up and drop-off points
  • Define zones of service and “corridors”
  • Define time table and types of ride allowed


Get in touch

General inquiries: [email protected]

Job inquiries: https://careers.karhoo.com

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