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Benefits for your and your guests

Great Guest Experience

Post-Covid, guests are less likely to use public transport, so they’ll appreciate that you provide them with a large choice of local taxi and PHV option delivered on their mobile in self-service and under your brand.

Additional Profit

You get 5% of all fares collected for rides booked on your taxi booking portal with virtually no efforts. You just have to promote the link to your portal on your website, in confirmation emails and in your in-room system and at the lobby.

Risk and cost free

There are no costs associated to the creation and the maintenance of the taxi booking service. It’s 100% operated by us in your name and we get paid when your guests complete rides. Deactivation is free too if you change your mind.

Best-in-class Taxi Booking Experience

Choice – Taxi Bookers by Karhoo deliver on average 5 quotes per request depending on local supply. They offer fair market prices at any time and transparent service criteria to choose from.

Safety – Our taxi and private hire partners comply with local regulations, including guidance on safe transport in COVID times. Guests can also track their driver before the pickup and until the drop off. So they can feel protected at all time.

100% Digital – Guests can book, pay and track on their mobile directly, as part of a convenient self-service tool provided by your hotel.

Success Stories

“Guests can plan for a taxi to our property when they book a room with us using a taxi booking site powered by Karhoo and customised with our brand!
Guest Experience Manager


“Karhoo is enabling first and last mile ride options for our clients using the SNCF train booking portal for booking and the new MaaS mobile app for on-demand.

Damien Wattez

Head of New mobility, SNCF

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