Taxi and PHV Fleets

More rides, no commission, no subscription.

Access passengers from all over the world visiting your area, brought to you by powerful brands doing the expensive marketing work for you!

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Key benefits for Taxi and PHV Fleets

Grow your business

when you’re exposed to global demand

Join for free, simply

via your dispatch solution, no entry or exit fees


Get your full fare

passengers pay our share, not you

Trusted by fleets around the world 

Benefits for Fleets

Benefits for fleets

Journey on screen

Join the e-hailing revolution!

After your industry has been disrupted by new tech entrants, the new normal is to order a taxi on a mobile, not hail it on the street. Embrace this change by selling your services on mobile apps owned by powerful brands.

Journey on screen

Get your full fare

We are able to pay you the full fare* by adding our share on top of the final price paid by passengers. They accept to pay extra for the convenience of booking through their preferred brand.
* minus a credit card processor fee) 

Variety of choice

Accepting fleets of all sizes

Karhoo works with small local fleets as well as large international networks, as long as they have a license to operate and use a digital dispatch system. And all of them get the same exposure to clients on the marketplace.

Variety of choice
Taxi Trust
Taxi Trust

Start in 5 days

Karhoo connect to your dispatch solution, so rides are sent on your existing equipment and you don’t need to change your operations. Our standard is that you start receiving rides from us in under a week after signing up.

Taxi Marketplace

Marketing done on your behalf

You know how competitive and expensive it is to promote services on search engines and social media. Karhoo is a new channel creating exposure to travellers by leveraging established brands’ marketing and client bases. 

Taxi Marketplace
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How it works

Demand Aggregation: we generate quality, volume trip requests by connecting great brands using technology and marketing to resell mobility to their clients.

how it works

Supply Aggregation: you can join a global network of trustful mobility providers and get rides from travellers from around the world travelling in your area.

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