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Imagine if you could give your people access to every taxi on the planet

Imagine if you could give your guests access to every taxi on the planet

Imagine if you could give your customers access to every taxi on the planet

Take the pain out of employee business travel with a consistent mobility experience whenever they need it, from wherever they are.

  • Align with corporate travel policies
  • Streamline expenses management
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Monetise corporate taxi travel

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Super-charge your guest experience by integrating mobility services into your book, travel and stay experience.

  • Improve guest engagement and experience
  • Keep guests within your brand ecosystem
  • Become the focal point of the entire trip
  • Earn and burn loyalty program integration

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Seamlessly integrate mobility services into your online travel services offerings, to provide an enriched customer experience.

  • Improve customer engagement and experience
  • Keep customers within your brand ecosystem
  • Become the focal point of the entire trip
  • Monetise local and regional taxi travel

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The opportunity for integrated mobility is vast.


Billion Taxi Users


Million Taxis & PHVs


Million trips per day


Billion trips per year

Source: Karhoo primary research – Global Taxi Insights

Working with the world’s biggest brands…


Features & benefits

Why choose Karhoo

Global coverage

Supporting your customers wherever they are and whenever they need integrated mobility services.

Unparalleled choice

The ability to integrate with every ride-hailer, taxi and private hire fleet on the planet, providing global coverage.

Elevate your brand

Leverage mobility services as a competitive differentiator, to make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Ancillary revenue

Generate net-new revenue streams from mobility services, to subsidise existing services or increase your margins.

Maximise engagement

Keep customers in ecosystem for longer by increasing their digital touch points as they use our mobility services.

Future of mobility

Gain early access to Mobilize initiatives, to introduce your customers to our multi-modal transportation options.


A consistent and familiar user experience wherever and wherever they might need mobility services.

Quality and value

A quality assured, cost-optimised service that delivers value for money, but without forfeiting quality.

Unparalleled choice

Pick from global ride-hailers, international fleets, small local providers, economy or high-end, electric or hybrid.

Support local fleets

Book rides with local fleets and protect their driver’s interests to support local businesses where possible.

Stress-free mobility

Connect anyone that travels, wherever they are travelling, with safe, reliable and stress‑free mobility services.

Future of mobility

Early access to Mobilize’s multi-modal transportation options that will enable the ‘future of mobility’.

What people say about Karhoo


We’re always looking for ways to make Cytric Travel & Expense more user friendly for our travellers. We want them to have everything they need at their fingertips. This partnership with Karhoo really takes us to the next level when it comes to providing a true end-to-end experience for business travellers.

Vasken Tokatlian, Vice President Partnerships and Alliances, Amadeus Cytric solutions


Partnering with Karhoo to deliver combined mobility solutions will help us build the next generation of mobility connectivity solutions in Spain. We believe that this partnership will unlock gradually the full potential of a mobility transformation and place our clients on the right path by providing them with a seamless mobility experience.

Manel Villalante, General Director of Development and Strategy of Renfe


With the travel rebound, we wanted to provide a tangible service at home or away for our ALL app users. This one-stop-shop mobility solution [from Karhoo] is seamlessly integrated after your hotel reservation. It allows our ALL members to book their airport transfer to their hotel or book a ride in their home city with their ALL points. Both convenient and consistent wherever you are.

Mehdi Hemici, Chief Loyalty & Partnerships Office Accor

Onboarding process

A tailored solution according to your specific needs.

Discovery Phase

Needs analysis, including primary research where necessary, to determine your specific mobility requirements.

Pilot Phase

Restricted, controlled testing of the desired mobility services to validate capabilities ahead of service launch.

Scale Phase

Full roll-out of all mobility services in scope following the success of the Pilot Phase, confirming the demand and scale needed for project viability.

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