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Karhoo for Dispatch

Generate new rides for your dispatch community by enabling networking and ride fulfilment between your fleets

Create a distinct competitive advantage for the fleets that use your dispatch technologies.

  • Enable surplus rides fulfilment between fleets
  • Supercharge the power of your fleet ecosystem
  • Mitigate the risk of competitive threats
  • Generate new demand for your fleets

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The opportunity for partnering with a demand aggregator like Karhoo is vast.


Billion Taxi Users


Million Taxis & PHVs


Million trips per day


Billion trips per year

Source: Karhoo primary research – Global Taxi Insights

Imagine if…

Your fleets could connect with each other or other DMSs to execute surplus rides.

You could become the gateway through which the ride-hailers connect with your fleets, with your fleets fulfilling demand on their behalf.

You could breathe new life and value into the investments that your fleets have made in your DMS, without having to do anything.

Introducing Networking by Karhoo…

Super-charge the power of your fleet ecosystem, by enabling the fulfilment of excess demand through any connected fleet that’s using your dispatch technologies.

Karhoo Karhoo Karhoo

Features & benefits

Why Karhoo for Dispatch

New demand sources

Introduce significant net-new rides to your fleets as a result of your DMS integration with Karhoo.

Fleet networking

A closed loop ecosystem, of only your fleets, that share excess demand with one another.

Protect your DMS

Deliver a single-source of rides via your DMS alone, including without the need to leave your ecosystem.

Ride hailer enablement

Integrate your dispatch technologies with ride hailers for the benefit of your fleets.

Electrification of your fleets

Benefit from Mobilize fleet electrification initiatives to reduce the barriers of migrating to EV.

Monetise all rides

Ensure that all rides, from all sources are monetised, by becoming the single-source of ride aggregation.

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Onboarding process

A tailored solution according to your specific needs.

Discovery Phase

Needs analysis, including primary research where necessary, to determine your specific mobility requirements.

Pilot Phase

Restricted, controlled testing of the desired mobility services to validate capabilities ahead of service launch.

Scale Phase

Full roll-out of all mobility services in scope following the success of the Pilot Phase, confirming the demand and scale needed for project viability.

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