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Karhoo for Ride-Hailer

Seamlessly fulfil new demand in new regions where you don’t yet have supply

Match the global demand for your services with the best-fit local supply.

  • Keep the app your users are familiar with
  • Fulfil via local dispatch and driver apps
  • Meet demand in new regions with ease
  • Create strategic partnerships with DMSs

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The opportunity for partnering with a supply aggregator like Karhoo is vast.


Billion Taxi Users


Million Taxis & PHVs


Million trips per day


Billion trips per year

Source: Karhoo primary research – Global Taxi Insights

Imagine if…

Your customers could continue to use the same app that they are familiar with in new locations where you don’t yet have supply.

You have the ability to connect to every taxi and private hire fleet on the planet, irrespective of what dispatch technology they use.

You could convert competitive tensions with dispatch technology providers and their fleets into strategic partnerships where everyone wins.

Introducing Roaming by Karhoo…

A technology solution that matches global demand with local supply, delivering the same user experience, via the preferred mobility application, that enables fulfilment by any fleet, anywhere, regardless of their dispatch technology.

Karhoo Karhoo Karhoo

Features & benefits

Why Karhoo for Ride-Hailers

Integrate with any dispatch

Seamlessly integrate with every dispatch management system on the planet.

Connect with any fleet

Augment and extend your existing supply capabilities, anywhere it’s needed.

Fulfil demand in new regions

Effortlessly expand into new regions where there is demand from your customers.

Retain your user experience

Deliver the same user experience, via the application that your customers love.

Fast speed to market

Connect your user app with existing driver apps and dispatch technologies for a fast start.

Support local drivers

Build strategic partnerships with local fleets and their drivers, to enable mutual success.

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Onboarding process

A tailored solution according to your specific needs.

Discovery Phase

Needs analysis, including primary research where necessary, to determine your specific mobility requirements.

Pilot Phase

Restricted, controlled testing of the desired mobility services to validate capabilities ahead of service launch.

Scale Phase

Full roll-out of all mobility services in scope following the success of the Pilot Phase, confirming the demand and scale needed for project viability.

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