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Karhoo for Custom

Leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you build your own future of mobility platform

Create your own unique solution by leveraging Karhoo’s knowledge and expertise.

  • Consultancy and market intelligence
  • End-to-end design and build services
  • Expedited time-to-market
  • Augment and enhance existing capabilities

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Let us help you envision how a bespoke mobility solution can be a game-changer for you and your customers…

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Features & benefits

Why Karhoo for Custom

Build something unique

Create a distinct competitive advantage that differentiates you from your competition.

Save time and money

Leverage our existing integrations, products, and services to avoid unnecessary expense.

Expedite service launch

The fastest possible route to market, by utilising services that already exist.

Outsource development

Let us build your solution for you, leveraging our unparalleled expertise.

Research backed advice

Use our market intelligence and primary research to identify opportunities.

Fast return on investment

Generate a quicker and better return than building it yourself.

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Onboarding process

A tailored solution according to your specific needs.

Discovery Phase

Needs analysis, including primary research where necessary, to determine your specific mobility requirements.

Pilot Phase

Restricted, controlled testing of the desired mobility services to validate capabilities ahead of service launch.

Scale Phase

Full roll-out of all mobility services in scope following the success of the Pilot Phase, confirming the demand and scale needed for project viability.

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Start your journey with Karhoo today…

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