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Our dedicated demo company and site, Farechoice, is designed to get you as close as possible to the real thing. This is a live taxi booking site, with limited coverage and functionality to help you envision how integrated mobility might look and feel for your brand.

Try Karhoo
Try Karhoo

Our demo site is intended to illustrate the following:

  • The ease within which mobility services could be integrated into your value proposition
  • A high-level overview of the user experience across all devices, including our mobile app
  • An intuitive search and book flow, to find taxis whenever and wherever you need them
  • The speed of search, aggregating data from a vast amount of sources simultaneously

Try Karhoo on Farechoice

Farechoice is a live booking feed, connected to real taxi fleets providing real quotes. If you select a fare and enter your card details, you will be charged! Please note that the Farechoice site isn’t optimised for a specific location or customer experience, so availability and fares will change dynamically.